Business Solutions for Water and Health

Aakash Ganga, an innovative rainwater harvesting enterprise, collects 15 million liters of rainwater per year to combat water poverty in India. To put that into perspective that’s 198 swimming pools to serve 5 villages in Rajasthan each year.

What does clean water mean for the villages? It means freedom.

For women, it’s freedom to work. For girls, it’s freedom to pursue an education. For children and the elderly, it’s freedom from sickness and disease.

With reservoirs of safe, clean, ‘sweet’ water right in their yard, women no longer need to spend hours hauling water from the distant well or contaminated ponds. For so long, these were her only choices to hydrate her family, even though dirty water will make her children sick and salty well water gives her elderly parents debilitating joint pain.


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    A Visionary  social entrepreneur, Dr. B P Agrawal combines business insight with pioneering technologies and was chosen for the award for his community driven rainwater harvesting system and mobile health clinics ...